Police Station

We provide 24 hour professional legal advice at Police Stations which is free of charge, regardless of the means of our clients.

At extremely short notice we will be present to guide anyone under investigation by the Police through the somewhat daunting process and offer the best possible advice to ensure the best possible outcome.

If, alternatively, the Police have contacted you to make an appointment to attend a Police Station we will make arrangements to meet you in advance to discuss the matter to obtain a full understanding of any allegation being made and offer appropriate advice. Every situation is different – we will obtain details from the Police of the allegations being made, we will then in privacy and total confidence discuss with you those allegations and what you have to say about them. Then, and only then, we will advise you how the interview should proceed, what to say and what not to say, using our expertise and experience gained from representing thousands of clients in similar situations.

We are here to support, help and provide a high quality free service.